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Write technical task

Any e-shop starts with a properly built website. The best way to get an effective and flawlessly working website is to involve professionals being capable to take all the advantages of the systems developed by them.

However, this requires development of a technical task for e-shop which will take into consideration its peculiarities and demands.

Why is technical task required and what does it consist of?

Technical task is an instrument that enables to bring the client’s wishes into correlation with the capabilities of the developer and is capable to settle all possible conflicts and save time. It is surely the technical task that defines a range of tasks that shall be completed during creating this website. 

It is necessary to provide the developer with the website structure in as much detail as possible and explain how the final version should look like. In such a way the technical task for e-shop website development should contain the following:

  • technical specifications;
  • marketing requirements;
  • design peculiarities.

In the ideal case all the details of website operation and look should be specified in the technical task, thus non-conformities will be minimized and the result will meet the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Technical characteristics

The first stage including the development of the technical task for e-shop website creation is to define its technical characteristics, i.e. details of technical implementation of each page operation.

CMS selection is the first thing to start with. The selection depends on different factors: how the website will look like, whether it will have one-page or multi-page design, whether there are any requirements for design complexity, whether a free of charge platform is suitable or a paid platform is more reliable.

The technical characteristics specified in the technical task for e-shop website creation also include the following:

  • description of operation peculiarities of standard and unique pages;
  • presence and quantity of sitewide elements, their location;
  • quantity of pop-ups;
  • various feed-back forms appearing during various actions of the buyer.

The precise determination of such details enables to create optimal structure from the very beginning with consideration of its further addition without difficulties.

Marketing characteristics

More focus should be put on marketing requirements for the website in order to properly draw up the technical task for website developers. They should consider the following:

  • unique features of products sold by the e-shop;
  • target audience;
  • peculiarities of acceptance of this category of products by target audience.

In other words, the consideration must be given to the nuisances of website functioning which will keep the users’ attention.  It is recommended to draw up the technical task for e-shop website in clear details for the developer to be able to completely turn the initial idea into reality.

Website look

Website design development is dictated not only by tastes of the customer, it depends also on psychology of the buyer. The design adapts to the e-shop functioning concept, communicates it by means of all accessible expressive means as follows:

  • fonts;
  • color array;
  • sound effects;
  • windows arrangement.

Website look is brought into conformity with the marketing requirements. Upon the recommendations these requirements should be specified with the detailed description, because there will always be the substantial difference between the customer’s and the developer’s points of view on design.


Stages of technical task development

The main thing is that the technical task is drawn up by the customer. They should prepare and write the technical task for website creation. It is their image of how it should be that is put in this document. The following stages of website creation can be distinguished:

  1. Setting the task and determining the main requirements (single-page application, e-shop, landing page).
  2. Preparing and drawing up the technical task for website creation, finalizing the requirements and searching mismatches there. Since if the technical task has the internal mismatches, it won’t give a chance to create the qualified product. Therefore, the mismatches should be removed before the implementation.
  3. The approval of the technical task by the software development company. The matter is that some requirements can be hardly fulfilled and other ones can be unnecessary. There can be different variants of task execution. For clearing up misunderstandings and removing mismatches it is necessary to discuss the nuances of the development with the software development company before drawing up the final version of the technical task.
  4. Then all the slightest details are specified and the execution period and, just as important, cost of work with the consideration of its complexity are discussed. Otherwise due to the insufficiently clear definition of the technical task scope of work can additionally increase and require exorbitant budget.

For maximum convenience of the customer as well as the software development company, due to the efficiency concerns, it is necessary to include the explanation of e-shop concept into the technical task for the website besides the technical requirements. Therefore, the following information should be included:  

  • about company;
  • about target audience;
  • preferred sections required by the customer;
  • required structural elements;
  • preferences in design, used fonts, symbols sizes.

It is also required to specify the devices and operating systems which the website will be presumably used for and the necessity for the mobile version.

The important point is to ensure the effective dialogue with the buyer, therefore the documentation should contain the following information: required filters, necessity for creating the personal account and preferred variants of online consultations.

The necessary provision should be made for the possibility of editing the website and involving various  employees into this work. The further effective promotion of the website should be taken into account.

Where can a good example of the technical task be found?

There is no need to think out the technical task and make choice of its blocks on own. There is a sufficient quantity of such samples on the Internet, which enables to choose the most appropriate template and use it for drawing up the proper technical task.

The brief suggested by software development company should not be neglected. The company can provide the developer with a good example of the technical task for website creation, as it is aware of the capabilities of those who begin this work. In general, this is the result of work experience which simplifies the way of giving the designer an idea of how the product is imaged by the customer, reduces financial expenditures and speeds up the product development.


One of the key parts of the further success is to properly draw up the technical task for e-shop website development for the developer. Therefore, its drawing up should be taken with the utmost seriousness. It is necessary to carry out research work on selecting samples of such documents, provide the detailed description of the requirements which will be submitted to the developer. This will ensure guaranteed effective website functioning and a good sales level.



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