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new Magento 2.4

The new improved Magento 2.4 was introduced on 28 July 2020. The list of the advanced features is impressive. It is essentially important to mention security improvement owing to the bug tor authentication.

Security ameliorations and technical specifications upgrade lead to the best e-platform for online commerce in the world.

New Magento 2.4 improvements:

Indisputably, Magento scrutinizes and works on questions that are essential to the traders, such as search and managing images. Magento is a part of Adobe’s house of brands and its development is undeniable. It is demonstrated by an extended sphere of activity that Magento provides and signify of an enormous endeavor devoted to Magento 2.4.

A considerable amount of online stores still use Magento 1. If your business is on the list take a closer look at the above-mentioned advantages of Magento 2.4 

A default search is improved immeasurably

What does a customer do first when visiting an online store? He or she searches. And this is your goal as a business owner to make this search excellent for a client. 

MySQL is not used by Magento. For Magento 2.4. Elasticsearch should be installed. Hence, as a result of Elasticsearch being obligatory from now on, containing any other service will be at a higher cost, particularly, if it is not supported by your hosting provider. 

To sum up, the improvement of a search engine is praiseworthy news. By increasing Investments the online merchants can provide their buyers with an even better search experience.

Enhanced media gallery

Those, who had experience in using images on Magneto 2 would likely agree, that it looked out of date and needed to be updated. Now, with the new interface to search, categorize and filter images is easy to accomplish and takes considerably less time in comparison with the old version. Seamless Adobe Stock integration v2.0 is included in this new gallery. What does it mean? This implies that now you do not need to use third-party resources for image searching. 

Of course, there are always some issues that might be seen as minuses. What you have to take into account is that using some media gallery supplements might not be an option with Magento 2.4. They might be not agreeable and therefore – the outcome would be unpredictable.

Intensified Security

Magento provides support of tech stack components, such as ElasticSearch 7 and PHP 7.4. This was a high level of accomplishment is warranted. 

How can you keep your website’s data safe? Magento gives you the answer — it is ultimately important to make updates at a time. Hence, the website will be kept secure against attacks with the newest versions of security patches, as well as fraud protection. What are those updates? Here is an example — if anyone asks for access to the administrative page of your online store, this person would have to use not only a password but also a per-client code, which is active within a limited amount of time and cannot be used again.

Support of In-Store Pick Up and Full Bundle

Buy Online and Pick-Up in Store has become a regular thing nowadays. Buyers consider this option in a wide variety of business fields. New Magento offers the option of pick-up location on a stage of the checkout process. Also, the buyer will receive an email, when the product is ready to be picked up.

In case when a business owner wants to provide their clients with a payment choice, which would be PCI/PSD2 compliant, Vendor Bundled Extension from Braintree can be used. The good news is that grouped and bundle products are compatible now.

Seller-assisted shopping

Even advanced users of online shopping might meet technical difficulties from time to time, not to mention a customer to whom your website is new. Don’t let your potential client be disappointed. Seller-assisted shopping will help to make buying experience pleasing and fast, which makes him or her come back here again and again in the future. So what is it about? Now administrator sees the storefront the same way the website user sees it. In this way, it becomes easier to understand the issue and deal with the problem the user has, be it difficulties with log in, search, or order-making.

Improved Progressive Web App Studio

Magento developers are certainly keeping up with the times. Headless commerce is something that they work on, as the world is steadily moving towards experimenting with endless possibilities in the world where the Internet of Things is a reality. What advantages Headless commerce gives? It allows integrations with more channels on a broad spectrum of devices, not to mention quick updates and development time. Such global changes in the digital world open up new horizons and shouldn’t be missed, especially by fully-fledged online stores.

Supposing you still hesitate about switching on to renewed Magento 2.4 here is a summary to help you make the final decision:

  1. Magento 1 is obsolete and consequently — not supported officially, while Magento 2.4 has high standards from all points of view. Thus, if your store is still on that version it is high time for changes.
  2. Magento partners and developers are demanding and invariably working on being up to date and even forehead in terms of new technologies and eCommerce services. Therefore, new updates to the Magento 2.4 version are not excluded within a month. This means, if your business uses Magento 2 at the moment you still have a couple more weeks before making a final step.

You are very welcome to share your thoughts and experience in the comments below, in case you already use Magneto 2.4 

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