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Black Friday for online shops

Black Friday – for online shops especially – is a very special event. For some marketplaces it is a magic push that will bring thousands of new customers (and as a result – money, more money). For others, it may be the day of total defeat. How to keep the website afloat and augment the success? 

We have some recommendations.

Tips on Black Friday for online shop

1. Learn the previous experience

Don`t hesitate to study on mistakes. Analyze failures that took place last year, rebuild the strategy, find weak places in the functionality of the site.

If you are the owner of a young marketplace, and it’s your first time facing with the Black Friday, read blogs of experienced shop owners. Don’t neglect someone’s experience and opinion – it’s better to study on someone’s mistakes than make your own. 

2. Learn the statistics

Try to understand the total statistics in your country (the peak of buying activity, average purchase amount, quantity of products in one bill) and specifics of your trading field (what positions are bought more often on Black Friday in online shops). When you know the peak of buying activity you can choose the best time for advertising. 

It would be also great to analyze the Google Trends for better understanding of the demand.

3. Create the list of positions for sale

After brief research we recommend choosing products for sale. There are 3 the most typical variations of discount in e-commerce

  • for all production
  • for some groups of products
  • for some products

It depends on the size of your marketplace and the quantity of employees. 

4. Check the stocks

Are you sure you have enough goods for the biggest sale of the year? Check it one more time while you have time for preparations.

5. Create the magnetic offer

Think about advertisement, creative offers which will attract customers firstly to visit your online-shop and then to make a purchase. It may be mailing, integration with Instagram, Facebook etc. But it must awaken the desire to follow the link and spend a lot of money in your online shop, not only on Black Friday.

6. Get ready for high load on servers

Black Friday is a remarkable day for online shops. But it is also a very complicated event full of unexpected situations. Try to foresee as many cases as possible. One of them is a very high load on servers and as a result you can face cart abandonment. In case of a great number of customers the shop may stop working at all. Make sure your marketplace is ready to meet new visitors and withstand loads on Black Friday. Get technically prepared for the greatest sales day of the year and contact us for any reason.

Remember! Sales make wonders with people, they are in the mood to spend money. As a seller you should be able to provide quality service.

And may the force be with you!

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