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TOP-3 E-commerce Platforms

One day each businessman comes to the decision to create the website. There could be different reasons for such a step: new opportunities for customers, pursuit to rebuild the concept of the market or even lockdown. But in some moment you face new challenges and a lot of questions in uncharted service such as: 

  • What platform to choose?
  • Which one will be better for my business? 
  • What are the differences?

Definitely, you may find answers to all these questions on the Net. You will waste your time and as we know time = money. That’s why we have collected the main facts about Top eCommerce platforms and represent it in a clear way. 

We will speak about TOP-3 eCommerce platforms:

  1. Magento
  2. Shopify
  3. WooCommerce


This eCommerce provider is very popular but difficult, because it was created by developers for developers. But what about advantages?

  • Flexibility (customer is able to add specific details which will highlight the online shop among other similar ones)
  • The ability to integrate any extension, module etc.
  • Max pay (all kind of valuta, credit cards, any gadget)
  • Additions such as blog, information about delivery, ways of payment, back call, good`s comparison.
  • Basic functions are available for free, but if you want something special Magento offers an advanced version.

Magento is the best variant for online shops with plenty of products (1 000 +)


It’s one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce business due to its simple form. What does it mean?

  • You can create your website without help of prof developers. All you need is to read several articles, watch video tutorials and use all this knowledge in practice. 
  • Shopify has convenient and clear control panel
  • Particular personalisation is possible (you can change the theme of the website but only among standart variations. So you cannot add some memorable details which will determine your production) 
  • Payment modules and tracking are available

This platform is suitable for small online shops with a list of goods near 1000. 


It is not an independent eCommerce provider, it is a plugin for WordPress. What does it give to customers?

  • You can rebuild the conventional website to the online marketplace
  • Automation of mailings, sales and discounts, product filters – additional plugins and extensions that must be bought. 
  • Plugins update very often – that makes problems in the work of online shop.
  • You also need a great hosting for using this platform.
So, summary:

Magento – gives unlimited abilities to create a memorable marketplace with plenty of products, but be ready to pay developers for their help.

Shopify – a good choice for startups: easy way to create a small online shop, don`t need the help of developers.

WordPress – nice variant if you already have a site on this platform and need to remake it for eCommerce.

Hope the material was useful and interesting. 

If you need some additional information about our services on these platforms, click here.

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