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fast recovery tips for business

Big amounts of small and mid-sized businesses get into crisis because of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. Sharp-witted owners of brick-and-mortar shops joined the “digital world” , increasing competition by it. Both newcomers and old warhorses are experiencing difficulties, as the new reality brings new challenges. 

Here are tips for a business that seek recuperation: 

1 Make sure your e-Commerce shop is stocked. 

A huge amount of people of different segments of the population used to shop online even before the pandemic. After the compelled stay-at-home way of life, the amount of online shoppers has increased dramatically. It is better not to risk running out when the competition is high. 

2 Set realistic delivery time.

At the current time, logistic problems seem to be in the past, as borders are back to their normal work. Still, if you rely on abroad suppliers it is better to be upfront about the possible delays. Customers usually have a lack of tolerance for delays. Therefore, it is better to provide a buyer with the specific range of time they would have to wait before the order is placed.

3 Improve the process of shipping.

Competitiveness between the carriers is also visible, which affects favorably on prices and terms of services they provide. For instance, some carriers offer discounts for small businesses. In addition, if you need to automate the shipment process from the beginning (placing the order) to the end (delivering it to a buyer) there are free of charge resources that will come in handy. Another option in avoiding delays is organizing a pickup in-store.  

4 Provide an easy way of communication with your customers.

It is vividly important to be in touch with your clients to keep their loyalty, as well as for reaching new potential clients. Utilizing social media for this goal will be a great decision, as it gives customers the feeling of individual approach and therefore – strengthens the brand image. 

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