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The process of creating the online shop

For a businessman, the process of creating the first online shop is something unknown full of wonders. You don’t know what to start with and the duration of the project. Sometimes this obscurity is the main obstacle to turning a new page in business development. So we decided to be your conductors in the world of eCommerce development. Today we will speak about the project acceptance process.

1. Necessity 

Let’s start from the very beginning. The first milestone is to make a decision — I need an online shop. When you realize the necessity of it, you should choose the next option: hire the website builders or create it without help of the specialist on your own. Our thoughts about this choice you will find here. 

2. Help of expert

Next recommendation is to think about the conception of your future store. What design would you like to create, what pages should be added, etc. Also be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Quantity of products.
  • Do you need payment / shipping methods to be added? 
  • Are you interested in original design or standart theme enough for you?

3. Time to choose platform

After analyzing answers to these questions you are ready for the next step. Let’s choose the platform for your future web store. Differences between the most popular eCommerce platforms you can find here (link to the article). 

4. Details, customization

Act like this:

  1. find out the mandatory criteria;
  2. add specific details. 

For example, after making a purchase a client gets an email with the full info about his order. Or there should be a pink pony in different appearances on all pages of your web shop. Let all your ideas get out of your head. 

Advice: don’t be afraid! These details will make your brand memorable and unique. Use it!

5. Let’s get it started!

A great amount of preparatory work is done, so now it’s time for action. Next milestone is a draft creation. You will see how your ideas start to work. Some of them are not as attractive as they were in your mind. Some new additions will appear. 

Advice: listen to your heart. If the product looks strange — change it.

6. Analyzing and upgrading 

A draft of online shops helps you to see its limitations and new fresh ideas may come to you. Don’t waste the time and upgrade your project right now. 

7. The final testing

When all ideas are brought to life, your mission is to check the quality of the product. Try to test all functions. It’s better to find all the flaws before the site starts working in full force in real mode.

8. Fully working product

All stages are completed, and now you have your own fully working product, which will help you to develop your business. It was a long and complicated way to your dream, but everything is possible. 

The time of the project may be absolutely different — from a couple of weeks to several months. It depends on functionality and customization of the online shop. In any case we recommend building your own web store. 

And we will be happy to help you.

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