Meet Encomage - Magento Development Company

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Meet Encomage - Magento Development Company

Encomage is a full-service Magento development company which profess the principle of an individual approach to each project, for us there are no two identical websites, any of our projects is individual. This does not mean that every time we “reinvent the wheel”, some previously developed solutions, especially software ones, may well be used in other projects, but these solutions will certainly be adjusted taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular task.


Customer Service is our strength. We offer continuous support and web-site maintenance throughout the Magento development process and after delivery. We handle every project as if it is our first project and we strive to deliver custom development and world-class digital experience.

Having worked with businesses big and small, our clients often appreciate our experience in the eCommerce environment, seeking consultations and insights from our side where possible. Our smooth knowledge-sharing culture and system, means our clients always have access to the combined expertise of professionals that have worked on a wide variety of projects. And we`re pro-active in sharing this expertise, with advice on alternative and optimal routes for achieving your business goals.


We see our customers, both newcomers and established players of the ecommerce industry, as creative go-getters always seeking new ways towards superior shopping experience. Those building their businesses on Magento are all the more ambitious and inspired to implement fresh ideas and innovative solutions since the technical possibilities of the platform are vast. Therefore, we know that the scope of our Magento services must be all-encompassing and the outcome of our work – truly rewarding to keep up with the energy of our customers and lead them up the success ladder.


Our Pros:

  • full-circle Magento development, extensive team for any purpose: back- and front-end development, design, managing, even DevOps, which means we have own servers maintained by ourselves
  • we have our own QA testing service, there’s no need to hire this team member separately
  • enormous experience in Magento custom modules and extensions development
  • huge database of knowledge and solutions in the field of web development
  • we are well-trained to accept any challenge with a teamwork approach and winner attitude