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Our Values

We are an Ecommerce development agency who believe in connecting people to ideas through the power of thoughtful solutions. 

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We create clean and developer-friendly code

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We have deep Ecommerce Market Expertise


We provide 24/7 lightning-fast customer support


We create self-dependent decisions

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We are Magento Jedis

Our Mission

is to support innovation through custom solutions and breakthrough ideas needed to succeed in the current era of digital change.

We prefer to accumulate expertise throughout our company, which, in turn, is what attracts our customers to us for their next project. We are dedicated to growth, development and constant progress for each of our employees.

We Believe in Our Team

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As we allow and encourage our employees to experience what it’s like to work across a variety of technologies and industries, nobody on our team gets bored or stagnant by being forced to stay on any single project. Our formal “grading system” creates full transparency in matters of compensation, so every employee knows exactly what is expected of them and how to reach the next level within our company.

Our Main Goal

is the desire to succeed. If you are a serious specialist, one who is not afraid of challenging projects and one who wants to grow professionally, we would be happy to welcome you into our beautiful office. If you prefer working from home, we can welcome that, too.

Encomage is a client-oriented company with a “service” attitude. We are at your service. We can lead or follow. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and the best practices in today’s IT market.

Feel Free to Contact Us

Drop us a line and we will handle with everything instead of you.


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