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The Challenge

This very project we started with the client’s willing to implement a bunch of custom solutions, ready-made extensions etc. It’s worth saying that our team was working on the several websites within this project so the number of different customizations was multiplied.

The Result

Eventually, our work incarnated in the several wide-scale solutions, e.g. the customized export and import of orders functionality, custom emails sending, brand new emails templates on the Arabic language etc. In addition, our developer has set numerous 3rd party extensions of different functionality, for example, payment modules of Apple and Google Pay.

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About our client

The client is running the online store which sells mobile electronics stuff: phones, tablets and a huge amount of their different accessories.


Scope and Highlights

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encomage magento logo3RD PARTY INTEGATION

Presence of some non-trivial solutions is always a feature of a serious and individual business, which means the existing of different custom extensions, in terms of the E-commerce. That is the reason for the functioning of our custom extensions development service, which is always ready to be explored here!

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Alex, CBDO/Solution Specialist

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