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encomage challenge

The Challenge

Initially, we’ve received the offer with the quite ambitious list of tasks: set the stage server, conduct the Magento update, install and update a new theme, set numerous translations and update a big amount of different modules and plugins.

The Result

Our team was very enthusiastic about this project goals, that’s why we’ve managed to implement all necessary solutions quite successfully: we’ve set the stage server which is pretty fast and convenient to work with; then Magento update to 2.4.1 version was conducted and new theme was installed and adjusted, and we’ve implemented a bunch of translations along with the updating some extensions as the final step of the whole project.

ecommerce consulting

About our client

The web shop is dealing with the electronics selling, starting with the smartphones and their accessories and ending with the large home appliances.

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Scope and Highlights

encomage magento logoMAGENTO ECOMMERCE 

encomage magento logoMAGENTO UPDATE

encomage magento logoTHEME UPDATE

encomage magento logoextension INSTALLING

encomage magento logo3RD PARTY INTEGATION

Here, in Encomage, we’re pretty sure that nowadays every business should have the online branch, ’cause that is the one of the key terms of the contemporary economics. And, of course, this solution needs the appropriate software which is a great pleasure to be provided by us within the Ecommerce development service, check this out here!

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Alex, CBDO/Solution Specialist

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