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encomage challenge

The Challenge

The basis of our cooperation with Riddox was a number of different minor solutions, such as making the loader for the webshop and several more complicated tasks – creation of a separate store on the new subdomain, for example. But, eventually, this online store expansion demanded much more power from the platform and, subsequently, we’ve faced the main wide scale and ambitious goal – migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

The Result

Both stores were successfully migrated to Magento 2. All data, including products, categories, their content, customers and all the other stuff was preserved and transferred totally, and several custom solutions (including the gigantic ones, such as the product configurator) were successfully implemented and combined with the existing ones.

At the moment our cooperation continues with the regular and vigilant support and maintenance for both the stores.

Encomage was a vital partner in making the solutions successful. All processes were scheduled and all the tasks were completed in time. We received updates and news concerning our project regularly and they always were very cooperative.
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Store Owner

About Project​

RIDDOX is a young company from Berlin, founded in early 2015. With RIDDOX rims, cycling becomes a unique feeling. RIDDOX rims are full of color – from neon to white, with a unique design, their program consists of 3-spoke designs and 5-spoke designs with a wide choice of colors that can be combined with colored tires. They are always looking for something innovative and are constantly expanding their product range, so it is always worthwhile to take a look at what they have to offer.

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Scope and Highlights

encomage magento logoMAGENTO ECOMMERCE
encomage magento logoMigration to Magento 2
encomage magento logo24/7 SPECIAL SUPPORT
encomage magento logoPERFORMANCE IMPROVING

There is a leap of switching the Magento 1 to the much more up-to-date Magento 2, and there is a bunch of reasons for that (security, absence of the updates, end of support, no developers etc.). Our goal is to help businesses in maintaining their online part in the actual state, that is the reason for us to provide the service of the migration from M1 to M2, so feel free to check its terms!

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Alex, CBDO/Solution Specialist

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