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About Project

RIDDOX is a young company from Berlin, founded in early 2015. With RIDDOX rims, cycling becomes a unique feeling. RIDDOX rims are full of color – from neon to white, with a unique design, their program consists of 3-spoke designs and 5-spoke designs with a wide choice of colors that can be combined with colored tires. They are always looking for something innovative and are constantly expanding their product range, so it is always worthwhile to take a look at what they have to offer.

Magento 1 support

Our cooperation with Riddox started with minor solutions, such as making the loader for the webshop. But later we managed to fulfill much more complicated task – creation of a separate store on the new subdomain. Also, that store has a new design, of course, which is our merit as well.

At the moment our cooperation continues with the regular and vigilant support and maintenance for both the stores.

Key Features and Technologies
Back-end developmentPHP 5.6, Magento
Front-end developmentCSS, jQuery, prototype
Customization for products logic and renderCustom logic for product configuration
Custom loader for the websiteCSS , jQuery, Photoshop