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Marketplace Development

We create a multifunctional and elegant showcase that turns a casual audience into a potential buyer. It can also be marketplaces where different suppliers from different locations come together to offer their product for sale. 

customer aquisition
Customer acquisition and retention

The main tasks when creating a trading platform are to find, attract and retain traffic. We will help you with the overcoming of problems and avoiding mistakes. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your target audience, identify its problems in order to provide the best user experience.

Competition rivalry

The market is highly competitive. But well-planned branding and positioning will help you. We will guide you to determine who your ideal customer is and how to create the perfect offer.

determining marketing position
Determining market positioning

It is imperative to create a product and brand in a specific area in order to find growth points and profit channels. Tell us about your product and we will tailor it to the necessary requirements to make your startup successful in the market.

billing system
Billing system setup

Billing on marketplaces has a complex logic and includes multi-stage payments. We can integrate the necessary payment services and provide you with specific analytics on them.

Want to have a Marketplace?

Drop us a line and select your budget, we will handle with everything else.


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