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Proses of Magento 2 among other popular eCommerce systems

magento vs shopify

Unlike Shopify, Magento:

  • Allows you to fully control your customers’ experience, without limits
  • Evolves as your business grows and changes over time
  • Supports expansion – Manage multiple stores, transacts in multiple countries, languages, currencies, and use several worldwide shipping providers, all within a single instance
  • Provides Magento’s large Extensions Marketplace to add rich feature/capabilities and enable integrations with your other digital tools (e.g. ERP, CRM)
  • Enables merchants to sell customizable products and digital goods online
  • Enables merchants to handle the complexities of B2B commerce

WooCommerce vs Magento:

  • Magento is much more easy in terms of using different built-in features
  • UI and UX design of Magento is more intuitive and simple in usage
  • Unlike WooCommerce, Magento could serve both mid and even large online stores
  • Magento is more advanced in terms of secureness
  • Woocommerce lacks 24/7 support unlike the Magento
magento vs woocommerce
magento vs opencart

Opencart vs Magento:

  • Magento comes with more SEO options compared to OpenCart
  • Magento has additional default in-store analytics. The abandoned cart report, for example, is one crucial piece of information that you can get on Magento by default, but is unavailable on OpenCart
  • Magento’s catalog management, is more advanced compared to OpenCart
  • With more than 350 solid features, Magento presents more ecommerce opportunities than OpenCart- which only provides about 100
  • Magento is rather extensively customizable comparing to Opencart

PrestaShop vs Magento:

  • Magento has an advantage concluded in the number of the available features – there is a bigger variety of them comparing to PrestaShop
  • Tech support of Magento is on the higher level now, the platform receives regular updates quite frequently
  • The number of themes for Magento is really huge, unlike the same thing on the PrestaShop
  • The variety of SEO options in Magento is far more impressive
magento vs prestashop
magento versus bigcommerce

Magento vs BigCommerce:

Magento is pretty much more customizable than BigCommerce, which allows you to customize your web store but with many restrictions and this customization can cost a pretty penny

  • Magento is by far the most robust in terms of out-of-box features comparing to BigCommerce
  • Magento offers a lot more flexibility and control regarding SEO
  • There are over 5,000 extensions on the Magento marketplace that integrate easily with its backend. The BigCommerce app marketplace is smaller in comparison to Magento’s marketplace
  • Magento offers one of the most powerful security solutions, it frequently updates security to make sure that the system is protected from malware, and store performance is optimized
  • Unlike BigCommerce, Magento operates more orders per hour on the same hardware and handles peak order volume easily delivering near-instant service response times for catalog browsing. Moreover, Magento features inventory management and ERP integrations which make scaling much smoother

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