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Ecommerce Development is our core strength.

We will help you to sell, reduce cart abandonment and raise website speed.​

Diverse business needs can be covered with a headless approach, and we are ready to consult you on how such a solution can work best exactly for your business. Besides, there are variations in headless implementation approaches and we can help you to choose the best fit.

Employing a headless ecommerce approach, we separate the customer-facing front end from the back end of your ecommerce solution. With the two not relying heavily on each other anymore and communicating via API calls, we get more flexibility to customize the presentation layer and deliver all changes to production faster

B2C Marketplaces

Our company sets up different multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplaces in order to help businesses in managing their offerings in the best possible way.

Online Stores

We deliver ready-to-sell online shops, coupon and drop shipping websites to help your business grow. 

P.S. This is our main power!

B2B Trade Portals

Encomage create proficient B2B portals, gathering all the trading shareholders (suppliers, manufacturers) and their subsidiaries.

Our Ecommerce Development Services

We can help you to solve any problem and ecommerce task of any size, from a simple online store to a huge ecommerce platform or a marketplace. Encomage is an ecommerce development company with its own uniqueness and individual approach, which results in unrepeatable ecommerce solutions for every client.

crm erp integration
CRM & ERP Integration

Encomage could be your reliable partner in CRM & ERP integration. That means integrating different third-party services to your eСommerce store. No matter what kind of integration you need – we appreciate  helping you.

custom solutions development
Payment System Integration

Integrating numerous payment solutions for different ecommerce websites is a piece of cake for us. You need just to notice us about the payment system you’ve chosen to install to your store and we will be glad to help you with this.

ecommerce consulting
Ecommerce Consulting Service

Our team is the best advisor for you in terms of choosing the right CMS for your business and creating an online store which will definitely surprise you with its sales level.

custom extension development
Custom Extension Development

In case you’ll need some extra functionality for your online store, we would help you to develop and implement an extension for any eCommerce CMS: Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce etc.

online store development
Online Store Development

Our extremely experienced development team is always ready to create an ecommerce store from scratch for you. Code maintaining, customizing the frontend and backend of any online store – all these processes are trivia for us.

payment system integration
Custom Solutions Development

We are very proud of our individual approach for each project, that’s why our true pleasure and patience are creating various custom solutions for the ecommerce businesses. 

Lifehack from Encomage

how to choose the right platform? 

Ask yourself – what do I need?

I need simple web store with a few products and making content for my product

I need regular web store with standard functions and big amount of products fast

I need custom store, I want the shop works as I imagine and I want to be involved in development

woo commerce logo
Magento logo

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help you to create a perfect web store

Examples of our Ecommerce Development Services

Magento Ecommerce Development Service was provided for our special long-term client

Store on Magento 2 made from a scratch, custom functionality were added

Have a project?

Drop us a line and we will handle with everything instead of you.


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