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encomage challenge

The Challenge

A-Shop online store was based on the Magento 1, it contained numerous different custom features, which were slowing down the webshop, which meant the extremely low-level performance, and all that things resulted in the vast selling losses. Basically, the client came to us with the purpose of making his shop much faster, improving its appearance, and, as a result, boosting the sales in order to achieve their highest level.

That’s why our original main goals were: Magento development as itself, migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, rebuilding the theme of the store totally and integrating the online store with the ERP system.

The Result

All above mentioned goals were successfully reached during the 1 year of cooperation and, eventually, A-Shop online store was practically reinvented, it has acquired a lot of up-to-date solutions, increased its performance and conversion it became pretty much faster and far more flexible in terms of customizing, it’s visual appearance was changed a lot for the better. After all, one of the main prizes in this case for us personally is the fact that the happy client hired us for support.

Encomage is a true discovery for me. We can definitely tell a difference in how the site functions after their involvement: it runs more smoothly and there are fewer errors, particularly with JavaScript.
Evgen V.
CEO, a-shop.ua

About our client

A-SHOP — Ukrainian brand of women’s accessories. They are focused on Ukrainian girls and women. Based on their style preferences, they strive to convey the trends of the modern fashion industry, combining the relevance and reasonable prices under one trademark.


Scope and Highlights

encomage magento logoMAGENTO ECOMMERCE 
encomage magento logoMigration from M1 to M2
encomage magento logoPERFORMANCE IMPROVING
encomage magento logoERP system integration
encomage magento logoTHEME REBUILDING

Here, in Encomage, we’re pretty sure that nowadays every business should have the online branch, ’cause that is the one of the key terms of the contemporary economics. And, of course, this solution needs the appropriate software which is a great pleasure to be provided by us within the Ecommerce development service, check this out here!

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Alex, CBDO/Solution Specialist

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